Preventative Maintenance
Allow MCG Boilers to offer our services and
help you get the most out of your fuel with
the latest in technology and expertise.

Service or training is available for
maintaining your equipment to its top
efficiency for ultimate production.

Equipment types:
    Natural Gas
How we can help:
    Electronic Combustion analysis
    and tune-up
    Burner update to meet AQMD
    Knox levels
    Heat Exchanger acid wash
    Pipe Insulation
    Steam loss prevention

We can help prevent:
  • Heat Loss
  • Scale Build-up
  • Corrosion
  • Equipment Deterioration
Dirty heat exchanger coils and leaking steam traps will reduce the efficiency of the
system and increase your fuel costs. Boiler parts, controls and sensors need to be
checked and adjusted on a regular basis to avoid costly downtime.

MCG Boilers can help you by updating your old system to a new, high efficiency Low
NOx boiler (Qualifies you for rebate from Southern California Gas Company.)
Adding boiler tubes, fan blades, filters, softeners, valves, pumps, pre-heaters, and
insulation can also maximize your system's fuel economy.

We will gladly assist you on meeting the SCAQMD (AQMD rule 1146.2) regulations
on boiler emissions.